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Spring and summer Mulberry Bags UK, whether it is handsome tough bag body, or the influx of high-profile fashion show a sense of metallic luster, python detail, inspired by vintage luggage series large Size handbags, gorgeous color interpretation, people to see could not bear to look away. If we say that this summer the best wave of the bag, it would have to do a number of exotic and stylish metallic handbag of the new fashion!2013 spring show on the large numbers of purple, fluorescent pink transparent bag for the summer ahead to a warm, as long as careful glimpse of reflected light metallic appearance, we almost can declare summer this trend will be very popular. Cool and refreshing summer the most suitable shape, so it is metallic-colored clothes, shoes are greatly popular. Smooth enough to polish the surface of the sun bounce off the metal if the trend is not for sure try, we recommend beginning from the accessories, especially handbags, such as a distinctive design style of Blaze handbag or clutch relatively sophisticated , can be perfect for summer styling, star flavor. In addition to traditional metallic leather, but also looking to the transparent material decorative python skin side of the trail, in addition to surface nailing luxury style, so metallic bags have a more extensive changes. You can choose unfaithful to a brand, but a new attempt to bring you a big surprise. If you like the design, but I think the price is too high, it may be from some of the high street fashion retailers looking for similar models. Color, if you worry too saturated metallic color will look a bit tacky, with tasteful colors inject some fresh breath, beige, sand-colored and gray with a metallic luster, will you pull away with the coquette, and self-style closer.
Package money low price Mulberry Handbags UK hat dimensional wrinkle design and use of leather and canvas cross-match, hit a different visual texture, pocket drawstring and double magnet more comprehensive protection, both sides have zipper pocket design, take a convenient, adjustable shoulder strap length can be adjusted for school or a short trip, mountaineering use. Quality cloth decorated with bright canvas interactive performances, strong eye degree 100%, based on oblique fashion Girvan point simple and neat design and type, bag space, large capacity, high practicality, package shall delicate taste and exudes life beauty! minimalist plain base is an essential element to show fashion sense, the color of the ribbon outline shape, so your overall shape is more dazzling! Popularity UP UP! Even large capacity A4 size is also OK! Whether at work or school is very convenient, each person must have fixed fan single product! Large amount of content! As can be folded like a wallet size. Practical degree high! Adopt advanced waterproof fabric, dirt good cleaning, but also carry yo! Travel abroad, meals are quite easy to go out and play can be fashionable clever soft and delicate soft lambskin leather motorcycle anti-bag, zipper bag shall be on the use of many leather tassels, facilitate cycling can also be opened with one hand height convenience, delicate texture of metal rivets, absolutely let you put it down!, soft and delicate leather, with a lightweight bag body, shopping tourism is not Pareto!
Oversized Mulberry Outlet UK bag into the entire fall, simple design, elegant black, nude color, so that people like simple very desirable, but he is also in a head full of big one! Of course, the fall and winter season, you will have a lot of little things, such as scarves, moisturizing face cream, gloves, etc., rest assured oversized handbag to meet all your needs, you can be as big as a simple coat, black leggings will able to demonstrate this bag of the atmosphere, of course, you can according to their body characteristics, play extremely capable, a reasonable suggestion is to choose shorter girls should avoid large bags, because bag makes the body look more undersized.